From the south of France, wonderboy Pakem does his magic in a Future Pop hit ‘I Can’t let you go’. Then, Little Freaky Things takes a huge risk by doing a cover of the house anthem ‘Gypsy Woman’ by Crystal Waters.
Employee of The Year’s new track ‘I Don’t Know’ gets a remix treatment by the champion of Finnish funk: Eero Johannes.
London based super-band Kero Kero Bonito is also part of this worldwide line up with ‘Flamingo’, the song that made them blow up remixed by Dutch newcomer Julien Mier.

In an era where things are instantaneous and move quickly, where a song’slifespan is less than 10 days, Records Collection Label is putting together acompilation that’s going to last way longer in your headphones.
The music you’ll still listen to in 2017, that’s the compilation’s motto. Handpicked from all around the globe by the label’s A&R, Nicolas Nekmouche, one half of the electronic pop duo « Little Freaky Things », these exclusive songs seize the zeitgeist and crystallize what is the spirit of today’s Pop Music.
[2017] is all about feeling what’s happening around us, snap it, and DM it directly to your ears.

We’re going farther east to Korea, with the mysterious rap band XXX who gives us a taste of what’s happening right now there with ‘Baekjo’, and it’s dope!
Genuine Parisian child De La Romance states his love for pop music with ‘Up in The Air’, while American songwriter Coco Banana has her song ‘Earthquaker’ pitched down by the Records Collection crew itself to give it a real dusty Western twist.
To conclude this trip, the Swedish singer Esther Vallee takes us to some celestial spheres with her dreamy yet ambiguous ‘Hard Time‘.
Making the present sound like the future and redefining contemporary Pop Music are the two purposes of [2017]. This compilation should also be taken as the birth announcement of a new curator in the game: Records Collection Label.